People who are tired of penciling, trimming, tweezing, waxing and just taking precious time to groom their eyebrows now have a solution thanks to PSS MediSpa. It’s called microblading, and it’s a semi-permanent form of makeup for eyebrows. A MediSpa procedure, it can be done at our main office in Annapolis.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading for eyebrows will save her time and looks beautiful.Microblading is a type of tattoo. The potential client should not be put off by this. The tattooing that’s part of microblading is far more accurate, hygienic and considerably less painful than anything that goes on in the typical tattoo parlor. It’s for people who find their eyebrows too sparse and want them to be more robust, people who want bare spots in their eyebrows filled in or who dislike the shape of their eyebrows. It’s for people who have no eyebrows at all and would simply like a pair to complement the rest of their face.

Microblading performed in Annapolis & Easton, MarylandHow Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows is Done

During the consultation, the client and the esthetician decide on the ultimate look of the new eyebrows. As with other medical procedures, the client needs to prepare for microblading well before the treatment. They should refrain from alcohol and stop taking aspirin or acne medication like Retinol about a week before. These drugs may cause bleeding and interfere with healing.

The treatment lasts about two hours. The first hour is spent just drawing in each new hair of the eyebrow with a pencil whose marks can be erased. The esthetician also creates pigments that exactly match the colors of the client’s natural eyebrows.

Just before the procedure, the area is numbed. A special pen is used to add hairstrokes one at a time. As with a tattoo, pigment is applied under the skin to create permanent makeup for eyebrows but not as deeply and therefore not as painfully.

What Are the Benefits of Microblading?

Reduce prep time in the morning.

No smudging or smearing.

Pigment doesn’t change color.

Save money on makeup.

After the Microblading Procedure

There is no downtime after the procedure and the client can go about their daily tasks right away. There may be some redness and swelling, but this is to be expected.

For the first week or so the client must be diligent in protecting the new eyebrows from moisture. This means heavy sweating, swimming, or even washing the area with water should be avoided. The results can last as long as three years, depending on the client. We recommend that the client return every six months or so for a touch-up.

If You’re Interested in Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows, Give PSS MediSpa a Call

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