Choose Our Plastic Surgery Specialists

There are many reasons to choose Plastic Surgery Specialists for your cosmetic surgery transformation. We are also the largest plastic surgery center in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area. Our clients benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our four plastic surgeons, all board-certified, and our six licensed estheticians. Together, they work to revitalize every aspect of our clients’ appearance and beauty.

The Team Approach to Plastic Surgery

Our plastic surgeons, the best plastic surgeons in Maryland (MD), work as a team with our estheticians to offer our clients exemplary service in the Baltimore-Washington area. Because they do work together, we are allowed to be much more flexible when it comes to scheduling our clients’ surgeries. We are able to create a level of trust and offer a type of confidentiality that’s not seen in other plastic surgeries. Another benefit of our team approach is that the surgical costs at Plastic Surgery Specialists are lower.

Our Accreditation – The Best Plastic Surgeons in Maryland (MD)

Our surgical facilities are accredited by a renown national organization that specializes in surgical facilities. They accredited ours because we combine medical offices and a surgical center inside the same complex. Besides the best plastic surgeons in Maryland (MD) and our excellent estheticians, our surgical facilities are also staffed with highly qualified and registered nurses and nurse anesthetists.

We Have All the Answers to All Your Cosmetic Surgery Questions

best plastic surgeons in mdOur consultations with our clients aren’t rushed or superficial. They are never conducted by staff who are too busy to really care and listen. We sit down with our clients and let them know the full range of their options when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Our staff believes that patient and thorough education is of the essence when it comes to gaining the trust of our patients. We take our role as educators seriously! Here are a few questions a client should ask during consultation at any facility to find the best plastic surgeons in md:

  • Is the surgeon board-certified?
  • Has he or she had at least five years of training in surgical technique and two years, minimum, of training in plastic surgery?
  • Is the plastic surgeon trained in all plastic surgery techniques? This includes those that involve the body, the face and the breast. Is he or she trained in reconstructive surgery?
  • Procedure-specific questions are also welcome and necessary. Our client shouldn’t hesitate to ask the doctor how many eyelid or neck surgeries he or she has done, for example. To be even more specific, they should ask if the procedure has been done on someone of the client’s skin coloring, age or other factors.

Our clients should not be shy about researching our doctors’ qualifications and experience. Yes, they are the best plastic surgeons in Maryland (MD), but don’t just take our word for it! Call the doctor’s office, and speak with a member of the staff to gather any information about both the doctor and the practice.

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Maryland residents who want to get in touch with one of our board-certified cosmetic surgeons should make an appointment today for a consultation. Give our offices a call at (866) 550-2135 to speak to one of the best plastic surgeons in Maryland (MD)!