Below are just a few of the comments we’ve received from women and men who have had plastic surgery at our Annapolis area practice.

“Dr. Buhrer, my experience has been one I will never forget and thank you for taking me on as a patient!”


“This experience exceeded my expectations. Everyone was absolutely fantastic! Thank you!”

“I am so glad I decided to do this surgery. It changed my life!” – GM

“So unbelievably grateful for my experience. I absolutely love my results. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Everyone was great!”


“My fiancée and I both used Dr. Lowe, we are 100% pleased with the results and look forward to a lasting relationship with Dr. Lowe and his very friendly, professional staff.”


“Very happy with my experience, Dr. Lowe is a wonderful doctor. Staff is very nice, which is so important. I just would like to say I loved Maria. What a lovely young lady, she is so sweet and really knows how to treat people. That kind of person is hard to find. She is an asset to your business.”


“I loved Dr. Lowe and my feeling in the office, I knew I had the right doctor!”



“Dr. Buhrer is the best, most talented surgeon…only trust him! Thank you Dr. Buhrer & his team for giving me back my confidence.”


“Every staff member I have encountered has been nice friendly and very helpful. Dr. Buhrer is a great doctor. I have complete faith in him. With every procedure he had done on me I always know he is doing his best. I know the results will be great and every time, they have been.”


“From the day I made the consultation appointment to the final follow up appointment I actually enjoyed the experience. I’ve heard horror stories from a few people from other practices but I can honestly say I trust PSS 100%.” -J. A.


“I am thrilled, with my surgery from Dr. Buhrer! He is a phenomenal surgeon with a wonderful bedside manner! I would definitely have surgery with him again!!!”




“It was a great experience!” – C. T.


“The entire staff was exceptional. During actual surgery everyone was very helpful and put me at ease with any last minute fears or making sure the size was appropriate. Everyone walked me through everything and I was treated very kind. Thank you!” – A. R.


“I can’t thank you all enough, I felt, always, in excellent caring hands.” – K. K.


“Every doctor I have seen and spoken to have been pleasant and professional. There is nothing fake about them, they are just themselves and they like what they do. The atmosphere is not heavy with tension and the staff looks content. That makes a difference to patients.” – S. B.



“I was extremely happy with my entire experience, from consultation to my end result. The surgeon and staff are the sole reason I choose this practice for my surgery. I love my end result and wouldn’t hesitate to return for another procedure in the future.” – C. R.



“I was very impressed with Dr. Lowe’s knowledgeable attention to detail and meeting my expectations. The staff was very caring and knowledgeable. They made me feel like family. They say there’s a true artist in a good plastic surgeon. Thank you so much Dr. Lowe and staff.” – D. T.



“I was so happy I found Plastic Surgery Specialist, for my facial surgery! My husband and I went to several other surgeons and when we found PSS we felt comfortable choosing them! I am so happy with my results, I feel and look 30 years younger!! “



“After 2 kids, I was unhappy with the appearance of my breast or tummy. I found Dr. Buhrer from a reference who spoke highly of him and his nursing staff. I am so happy with my tummy tuck, I fit in clothes I have not been able to wear in a long time, I feel confident in a bathing suite! Thank you Dr. Buhrer for giving me my body back!!



“If being diagnosed with breast cancer isn’t hard enough, thinking about reconstruction was rough too, all the decisions to be made. The moment Dr. Spittler walked into the room, I could tell what a caring surgeon he was. He walked me through each step, explained things over and over. He made me fell like i was his only patient. He never looked at the clock or door, he stayed with me until we were both sure of what our plan was. My breast reconstruction surgery went so well, a year later I went back to Dr. Spittler for a tummy tuck and lipo!! Dr. Spittler is the best!!! “



“I was very happy with my decision on chosing Dr. Lowe for my tummy tuck and breast lift/augment! Dr. Lowe is kind hearted, with the best bed side manner! He is a perfectionist, is extremly caring with his patients. I never felt rushed in his office, he took a great deal of time to explain things to me and answered every question. I would recommend Dr. Lowe to anyone! “



“Everyone I had contact with in the Annapolis office was professional, caring and very knowledgeable. I will definitely return for additional procedures if I am able.” – P.C.



“I like that Plastic Surgery Specialists is a group and to be honest the cost seemed more reasonable considering the quality of care and attention to detail, especially now that I have been through the experience! I was fortunate enough to meet three of the surgeons and their bedside manner was awesome.” – B. R.



“Everyone has been wonderful! Best care I have ever received at any doctor’s office. Everyone made me feel so comfortable and unembarrassed. I never was made to feel bad about my appearance or made to feel like I needed more work done than what I was interested in. Thank you so much!” – M. P.



“Great professional office. I would be happy to be a reference to anyone else considering having a tummy tuck. I only wish I had done it 10 years ago.” – M. L.



“Wonderful experience, I tell everyone that I loved my plastic surgery experience in Annapolis.” – A. M.



“Thank you very much for making my first exposure to plastic surgery very comfortable and informative.” – S. T.



“Everyone tells me how great I look. I feel pretty again. Thank you Dr. Lowe and your wonderful staff.” – J. D.



“My experience with Plastic Surgery Specialists, P.C. was top-notch. I could not be happier.” – T. H.



“My consultation with Dr. Lowe blew both myself and my husband away. He was wonderful.” – S. H.



“Your practice is extremely well orchestrated. The execution of the procedure was flawless, a better experience than I expected.” – J. R.



“My experience was completely a positive one. – J. C.”



“The expectation was that Dr. Lowe and staff would be professional and would produce good results. What was not an expectation was the personal attention and care given by every member of the staff. Not only am I happy with the results, I am thrilled with the attention to the detailed extra.” – H. T.



“I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for giving me a new body! Your skill is incredible. I was so nervous before surgery (abdominoplasty); hoping my results would be all that I expected, and it certainly exceeded my expectations! It’s so amazing and I owe it all to Dr. Buhrer. Words cannot express my gratitude! I would recommend Dr. Buhrer a million times over! His staff is incredible. I love how caring they all are and ‘straight up’ they are; they never tried to sugar coat anything yet were so sweet and gentle.” – B. B.



“I am always surprised at the politeness, care and help with any questions or concern I have for the staff. They are great, really great.” – B. K.



“I thought the experience was professional and friendly. I intended to talk to at least three plastic surgeons before I decided to do my surgery but I liked your practice so much I am committing now.”– M. C.



“You have an incredibly well run and professional operation. You treat the delicacy of these procedures in a very sensitive and caring manner.” – W. E.



“I thought everyone was exceptionally great.” – J. M.



“Great place and I would recommend to anyone.” – L. N.



“My surgery outcome far exceeded my expectations. I just love my doctor. I had a full tummy tuck and would do it again for the results that I got.” – L. R.



“I had liposuction and loved the results. Their offices are very nice and the staff is terrific. They have a great surgical center and I am happy I didn’t have to go to a hospital (hate hospitals!). My primary care physician recommended their practice which says a lot.” – M. R.



“I was very satisfied with the entire process. My doctor was very thorough and patient during my consultation. This practice was highly recommended to me and I saw why after my visit.” – T. S.



“My doctor is wonderful. He has a spectacular “bedside manner” and did a perfect job on my breast augmentation. I have no reservations whatsoever in using his skills for future surgeries.” – L. R.



“I am real happy with my surgeon. I would not hesitate to recommend your practice to anyone.” – A. S.



“My doctor is very talented, to which I have referred many friends and will continue to. His personality is the icing on the cake because he always seems to make me feel comfortable and at ease.” – K. K.



“I am truly glad that I chose your practice to speak to about my surgery. I heard my doctor’s voice before I met him and then when he came in the room; he had the warmest smile that put me so at ease at once. I was told all I needed to know about my procedure and choices. His staff was very helpful at all time and I have and will continue to give his name to anyone who might ask. I am very happy with my results.” – J. D.



“I was very happy with my whole experience with your office. There is nothing I would change. Thank you for making it a great surgical experience.” – A.H.



“Your office should be very proud! The care and concern is amazing, I am made to feel special and important, not just a number. Thank you all for everything.” – EC



“From the very first visit I had, I felt welcomed. Everyone had smiles and was attentive. Dr. Lowe was wonderful as well as all of the staff. I thank you for a great result and a caring experience.”– TD



“Dr. Buhrer made me feel very comfortable, I liked him immediately. He has a great sense of humor.”



“I am very happy with the doctor, staff and results. Thank you.”– CF



“Best experience ever! I was so nervous but the staff answered all of my questions with the utmost confidence. They made me feel very secure to be in their capable hands. I will return.” – PE



“Everyone connected with my surgical experience is exemplary. Many thanks.” – NM



“I’ve never been to a doctor’s office that made me feel so relaxed and sure of what I was having done.” – HD



“Dr. Lowe gave a wonderful consultation. He answered all questions, made me feel comfortable and is concerned with meeting your needs.” – JG



“The staff and office are amazing. Dr. Buhrer has one of the best bedside manners of any surgeon I have had. It eases anxiety.” – C.H.



“I love this office, staff and doctors. My surgery experience was very nice and I felt that all of the staff that helped me was very caring, respectful and had my best interest in mind.” – J.R.



“I love the results of Dr. Spittler’s work. He is amazing!” – P.J.



“I can not express my thank you to Dr. Lowe and his wonderful staff enough. I wouldn’t have anyone else do my surgical treatments.” – D.S.



“Dr. Lowe is the most wonderful and caring doctor. I completely trust him as a surgeon as well as the facility to care for me and meet my needs.” – J.K.



“Thank you for a positive experience and outcome.” – S.G.



“My surgical outcome exceeded not just my expectations, but my wildest dreams.” – T.W.



“I love it! I feel like 20 years are gone!” – M.P.



“My experience was very positive due to the wealth of information and care I had received. Dr. Lowe and your staff are caring and knowledgeable and guided me through this process. The outcome and result is better than I would have ever expected. Thank you so much!” – D.V.



“I enjoyed the doctor and the staff’s kindness and sense of humor. It eases the anxiety of the surgery.” – D.W.