Annapolis Tummy Tuck

Tummy TuckA tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, can significantly enhance the appearance and self-confidence of men and women in Annapolis, Maryland. Tummy tuck surgery is designed to remove excess skin and fat from the mid and lower abdomen, while tightening and flattening the muscles of the abdominal wall.

Annapolis area residents typically choose a tummy tuck to correct excess wrinkled skin and fat on the abdomen and / or weakened abdominal muscles caused by pregnancy, aging or significant weight loss. Women can be good candidates for abdominoplasty, but men also can benefit from the procedure.

Abdominoplasty in Annapolis

The tummy tuck procedure is performed under general anesthesia in our ambulatory surgical center on an outpatient basis. An overnight stay is not necessary following this procedure. In some instances, depending on the extent of the operation, a tummy tuck is performed in a local hospital.

This procedure begins with a horizontal incision in the lower abdomen within the bikini line. Most incisions are kept just above the pubic area, and within the confines of the hip bones, so they can be easily camouflaged behind most bikinis, thongs, and low-rise jeans. Excess fat is removed directly, the abdominal muscles are tightened and repaired, and the excess skin is trimmed away.

Tummy Tuck Recovery and Results

Following an abdominoplasty, each patient goes home wearing a firm elastic garment. A light support garment is recommended for two to three weeks after the surgery. It may be removed for brief periods to shower.

As with most surgical procedures, there will be some post-operative pain for a few days, but it can be easily controlled with medication prescribed by your doctor. Sutures are invisible under the skin and will dissolve when healing is complete.

Tummy tuck patients will notice a firmer abdominal wall, a narrower waistline and a flatter lower abdomen. Women will see a more attractive physical shape in and out of clothing with very minimal scarring after healing.

Other Body Reduction Procedures

Individuals who desire additional plastic surgery enhancements may combine their tummy tuck with breast augmentationbreast liftliposuction in the Annapolis area, and facial rejuvenation procedures in selected cases.

Tummy Tuck Insurance Considerations

A tummy tuck is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by medical insurance. Each patient is responsible for payment of surgical and related costs.

Dr. Spittler discusses a tummy tuck procedure.

Dr. Spittler explains tummy tucks.

Hello I’m Dr. Christopher Spitler, one of the board certified plastic surgeons at Plastic Surgery Specialists. Women who’ve had children often have concerns about the appearance of their abdomen. These include extra fat in the lower portion the abdomen, stretch marks and
loose skin. A abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is designed to address these issues. In the surgery the extra skin and fat are removed the muscles are tightened and the abdomen contoured. If you have concerns after having children about the appearance of your abdomen please contact our office for a complimentary consultation.

Tummy Tuck FAQ

Swimsuit season is on the way and I need a little help. How would I know if a tummy tuck or liposuction would be right for me?

The decision rests on the amount of excess skin and fat which are present and the degree of laxity of the abdominal muscles. In general, women who have had children will benefit most from a tummy tuck, due to the stretching of the skin and muscles during pregnancy. A tummy tuck removes excess skin and fat and tightens the abdominal muscles, thereby flattening the tummy. Liposuction simply removes excess fat, but does not remove loose skin or tighten the muscles and is therefore most effective in people who have good skin and muscle tone but have specific areas where weight loss is difficult. These procedures are often done in combination utilizing the tummy tuck to address the abdomen and liposuction to address the hips or thighs. The surgery can be done on an outpatient basis.