Thigh Lift for Shapelier Legs

Do you have the legs you’ve always wanted? Let’s face it, most people think their legs have some room for improvement. Whether you’ve just lost weight, gone through a pregnancy, or your body is changing in response to getting older, a thigh lift could be just what you need to lift your spirits.

What Are Thigh Lifts Best At?

Thigh lifts aren’t the same as liposuction—though they sometimes do involve removing fat. Thigh lifts are more about removing any unwanted skin from the legs, resulting in a smoother, shapelier thigh.

When Would I Choose a Thigh Lift?

There are many reasons why someone would choose a thigh lift:

  • Losing weight after a pregnancy
  • New diet or gastric bypass surgery—anything leading to losing weight
  • Advancing in age
  • Changes in body composition because of fitness or sports
  • Hereditary factors or disease.

What’s the Surgery Like?

A thigh lift is a quick and relatively simple procedure. It usually takes about 3 hours, give or take. Recovery is quick and worry-free in most cases. In general, people find themselves on their feet again within two weeks, and they can get back to fitness or exercise after about 4-6 weeks.