Silagen Scar Refinement System

Silagen Scar Refinement System

A facial scar, even a small one, can make a person too self-conscious to want to participate in social events. Even scars that are not on the face can make people uneasy during the summer months when it’s time to put away the long pants and long-sleeves. The good news is that our medical/cosmetic professionals at Plastic Surgery Specialists now offer the Silagen Scar Refinement System to reduce the appearance of those inhibiting scars.

The Product

The Silagen system has three products. First, there is the silicone gel with a sunscreen. This helps the scar to fade by shielding it from ultraviolet radiation. This makes it good for those areas of skin that get a lot of sun exposure.

The second product is pure, medical grade silicone gel, which comes in 15 and 30 gram size bottles.

The third product is sheets of silicone gel in 12 shapes and sizes with either clear or beige backing. These sheets are washable and reusable.

The products can be used singly or they can be used together as recommended by our cosmeticians.

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