Annapolis Eyebrow Lift

annapolis brow lift

A brow lift, or forehead lift is meant to raise the eyebrows and soften the frown lines and furrows that have developed because of stress, aging, muscle contractions or even inherited factors. It can be done in conjunction with other cosmetic facial surgeries such as blepharoplasty, a full face lift or skin resurfacing techniques such as dermabrasion. A brow lift at our facility is an outpatient procedure.

The Consultation

Before a forehead lift proceeds, the surgeon needs to make sure that the client is a good candidate for it. Our board certified surgeons will take the client’s medical history and answer their questions. The surgeon evaluates the client’s overall health, examines their face, takes photographs and recommends the best type of treatment.

The Procedure

The forehead lift is performed in our on-site surgical center under general anesthesia. In a coronal forehead lift, the incision is made across the top of the scalp or from ear to ear behind the hairline. The surgeon removes a strip of the client’s scalp then sews the edges together to correct wrinkles in the brow. This procedure is long lasting and usually doesn’t have to be repeated, even as the person ages. Any scars are hidden behind their hairline.

The incisions are closed then a bandage is wrapped around the client’s face or forehead.


The client needs to have someone drive them home and stay with them at least overnight. Before they leave our recovery center, our nurse gives them instructions for home care and the date of a follow-up appointment. The doctor will provide the patient a prescription for pain medication as well.

Annapolis Brow LiftSwelling and bruising is to be expected in the two weeks or so after the operation, and it may involve the eyes and the cheeks. The patient may be surprised that they have black eyes, but this too will go away with time.

Patients should keep their head elevated, even if it means that they need to sleep propped up on a pile of pillows. Cold compresses go a long way in keeping the swelling down. The client should rest as much as they can, and keep the incision sites dry.

The areas around the sutures may itch or feel numb as they start to heal, but this too is to be expected. The surgeon removes the sutures two weeks after the surgery. Dressings are taken off one day after the operation.

Most clients who have an Annapolis brow lift can go back to work after two weeks and can resume their exercise program after about a month. It may take a few more months before the client notices their new, youthful looking brow. The results should last from five to 10 years.

All patients recover from brow lifts differently. Our dedicated plastic surgeons will evaluate each patient individually and inform them on what to expect during recovery.

Insurance Considerations

A forehead lift is considered a cosmetic procedure and isn’t covered by most medical insurance. The client is responsible for the costs of the surgery.