Annapolis Breast Reconstruction

If you’re a breast cancer survivor, then you’ve gone through a harrowing time in your life. Many people are left emotionally and physically scarred by cancer. But you can begin the healing process in your mind and in your body.

Changes in Appearance After Cancer

Many women have to have all or part of a breast removed during breast cancer treatment (a mastectomy). This, combined with chemotherapy, can lead to a tragic loss in confidence. The change in appearance can be dramatic. But your hair can grow back. Your breast can’t—or can it?

How Does Breast Reconstruction Work?

Breast reconstruction usually involves taking skin, fat, and muscle from another part of your body. Just like in a fat transfer surgery, you essentially “move” some of your body in order to rebuild your breast. Often tissue is gathered from

  • Your back
  • Your belly
  • Your thighs

What Should I Watch Out For?

A breast reconstruction is rarely, if ever perfect. It will never be 100% the same as the original breast, in feel and in shape. And there can be scarring left behind, whether small or large.

Other Breast Surgery to Combine with Breast Reconstruction
You can even combine breast reconstruction with other surgery, especially if you want both breasts to match more evenly. On your remaining breast, consider:

  • Breast reduction
  • Breast enhancement
  • Breast lift