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Annapolis Facelift

Women and men from communities near Annapolis choose face lift surgery to turn back the clock and reveal a more youthful-looking appearance. Discover how a face lift at our Maryland practice from one of our board-certified plastic surgeons can improve the appearance and texture of your face.

A face lift is a surgical procedure designed to improve the most visible signs of aging by removing excess fat, tightening underlying muscles and redraping the skin of the face and neck. Men and women typically visit us in Maryland for a face lift to correct the effects of gravity and aging on the neck, cheek and jowl areas.

We can help you determine exactly what you need to look and feel your best with a consultation and the help of computer imaging. Utilizing computer imaging helps us visualize the results you desire easily and accurately.

Results from Our Patients

View our before and after photo gallery to see detailed pictures of the transformations our patients have achieved through surgical and nonsurgical services.

View Before and After Photos

Face Lift Surgery in Annapolis

Our board-certified plastic surgeons typically perform the facelift procedure under local anesthesia with IV sedation in our ambulatory surgical center. An overnight stay is not necessary following this procedure.

When patients visit us in the Baltimore area for facelift surgery, incisions are made within the hairline above the ear, continuing downward around and behind the earlobe and back into the hair, which does not need to be shaved for the procedure. The facial skin is then separated from the fat and muscle underneath and pulled up and backward in the temple and ear areas and the excess is removed. Sagging muscles and connective tissues are tightened and accumulations of fat are then removed.

Read face lift FAQs to learn more about the procedure and other treatments to help you look younger and more vibrant.

Baltimore Area Facelift Recovery and Results

Following a facelift procedure, patients go home with their head wrapped in dressings, which are removed in one or two days. Most patients have minimal post-operative pain, which can be controlled by prescription medication. Most swelling and discoloration will subside within two to three weeks and full activities may be resumed in about a month. To help you look and feel your very best, we also offer a complimentary pre-surgical skin care treatment and post-surgical shampoo and cosmetic makeover by an on-staff esthetician.

The results you can expect from a facelift procedure are a more natural, younger and more rested-looking appearance. You'll be pleased to find major improvement is apparent in the first two to three weeks, with continued improvement and "smoothing out" of your appearance over six to nine months.

Other Facial Procedures

Patients considering a complete facial rejuvenation might find that additional procedures may be necessary in conjunction with their face lift, such as:

Please feel free to discuss any these options with our board-certified plastic surgeons: Dr. David H. Lowe, Dr. D. Paul Buhrer, Dr. Daniel Laughlin, or Dr. Christopher J. Spittler.

Facelift Insurance Considerations

The facelift procedures we perform are not covered by medical insurance, as they are considered to be elective cosmetic surgery. Each patient is responsible for payment of surgical and related costs.

Learn more about a face lift when you request your consultation today or call us at (866) 646-4017 to schedule your appointment.

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