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BOTOX® in the Annapolis area

More men and women in Annapolis, Easton, Prince Frederick, Waugh Chapel and Severna Park are enjoying the benefits of Maryland BOTOX® Cosmetic, helping them effectively diminish the appearance of facial aging. BOTOX affects the nerves that lead to certain facial muscles, causing these muscles to relax and allowing other facial muscles to pull tissues smooth. This effect significantly reduces "dynamic" wrinkles caused by repeated contraction of the muscles when you smile or frown, and leaves skin much smoother and often free of worry lines.

Men and women considering BOTOX treatments in Annapolis, MD generally want to reduce the signs of aging on the face such as frown lines, crow's feet and worry lines. For our patients throughout Maryland, eyelid surgery may be an option if there is significant excess skin and wrinkling in the eye area.

All About BOTOX

BOTOX is injected into selected muscles using a very fine needle. The effects usually begin in about three days and maximum benefit is reached in one to two weeks.

On average, a single BOTOX treatment will last for approximately three to six months before you will notice a gradual fading of the effects. At this point you will want to return for your next treatment.

BOTOX Recovery and Results

Some patients report minor but temporary discomfort from treatment. After receiving BOTOX treatments, the head should be kept elevated for a few hours following the injections and activities kept light for the rest of the day.

Men and women receiving BOTOX treatments will notice a reduction in the appearance of crow's feet, worry lines, frown lines, and laugh lines found around the eyes and forehead.

Other Wrinkle Reducing Procedures

Dermal fillers, also available at PSS MediSpa, may be used in conjunction with BOTOX to fill in the deep lines on the cheeks and lower portions of the face. To find out more regarding other facial procedure options that may be right for you, talk with your surgeon during your consultation.

Insurance Considerations for BOTOX

BOTOX injections are considered a cosmetic procedure and therefore are not covered by insurance. Each patient is responsible for all treatment costs.

Do you have questions about BOTOX? We've got answers. Read our BOTOX Cosmetic FAQs.

Learn more about BOTOX Cosmetic when you request your appointment online or call us at (866) 646-4017.

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