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Annapolis Plastic Surgery Fees & Financing

Because we tailor all procedures and treatments to the individual patient, fees for cosmetic surgery and medical spa services will be quoted after your doctor has had the opportunity to evaluate your needs during the consultation. You will not be pressured into scheduling surgery and all fees will be clearly spelled out and reviewed with you in detail.

For our patients in and around Baltimore, cosmetic surgery financing options are available to pay for your desired cosmetic enhancement.

  • Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express
  • Bank Checks: Accepted
  • Personal Checks: Accepted if received 14 days prior to the surgical date
  • Patient Financing: See below

Financing can be done personally either through your local bank or with a financing company working with patients for cosmetic procedures.

Financing Companies For Cosmetic Procedures

Care Credit

Telephone: 1-800-365-8295


M~Lend Financial

Telephone: 1-888-474-6231

M~Lend Financial





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Annapolis Plastic Surgery Specialists